Fella Makafui’s Marriage in ruins.

Fella Precious Makafui, born on August 20, 1995, in the Volta Region of Ghana, is a renowned Ghanaian actress and philanthropist. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the popular Ghanaian Tv series “Yolo.”

Makafui completed her secondary education at Kpando Senior High School and went on to graduate from the University of Ghana. She has made significant strides in her career, earning accolades such as the Golden Most Promising award at the Golden Movie Awards in 2016.

Actress from YOLo

In her personal life, Fella Makafui was married to the singer and rapper Medikal. The couple has a daughter named Island, who was born in August 2020. However, they have since announced their separation.

Couple before marriage

The marriage between Fella Makafui and Medikal has deteriorated and is currently trending on social media.

According to circulating reports, Fella Makafui and Medikal agreed to separate in January of this year.

Following their divorce, several issues have surfaced, and Medikal has decided to reveal details. Click to watch the video;

Medikal in a personal video

In the self-recorded video, the rapper shared that he paid substantial amounts for Fella Makafui to undergo surgery for a flatter stomach and a more prominent backside to better represent the brands she endorses.

Fella Makafui is known for promoting products that offer quick solutions for flat tummies, weight loss, and enhanced backsides on her social media platforms.

Actress, now

Medikal claimed that Fella Makafui begged him for money to travel to Nigeria for a BBL procedure. When he initially refused, she stopped speaking to him for three months.

Additionally, Medikal disclosed that he pays over GHC 2,000 for a nanny, a driver, and a cook to care for their daughter and manage their household.

The rapper also mentioned that Fella Makafui almost fed their daughter, Island, weed candy due to her negligence.

In response, Fella Makafui released a statement confirming that she ended the relationship with Medikal in January and explaining why she involved the Ghana Police to take action against him.

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