Osino Presby School and Nsutam School Rivalry Escalates: Student Bullied, Uncle Seeks Revenge leading to 1 death and others wounded.

Osino Presby School Rampage, 1 killed, machete wounds inflicted on others.

Tensions between neighboring schools erupted into violence recently, as a student of Nsutam Senior High School fell victim to harassment and theft by students from Osino Presec.

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The incident unfolded when a student from Nsutam, residing in Nsuapimso, was sent on an errand to Osino by his uncle. Upon arrival, he encountered a group of students from Osino Presby who subjected him to relentless bullying, harassment, and ultimately robbed him of his possessions, including his phone and the money he was carrying.

Distressed and traumatized, the student returned home to Nsuapimso and recounted his ordeal to his uncle. His uncle, outraged by the unjust treatment his nephew had endured, decided to take matters into his own hands.

In a swift and retaliatory move, the uncle mobilized a group of formidable individuals from the Akuapimso community and led them to Osino Presec, seeking retribution for the wrongdoing inflicted upon his nephew.

The retaliatory action underscores the deep-seated animosity and rivalry between Nsutam Senior High School and Osino Presby SHTS, which has simmered beneath the surface for years. While school rivalries are not uncommon, the escalation of violence in this instance has sent shockwaves through both communities.

UTV Ghana posted more information into the just happened tragic event.

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