Shocking: Groom divorces bride 1 hour after marriage.

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a marriage shockingly ended just one 1 hour after it began, possibly setting the record for the world’s shortest marriage. The groom decided to divorce his bride merely an hour after their Nikah ceremony. This abrupt decision unfolded when the groom, under pressure from his mother, verbally confirmed the divorce by repeating the necessary declaration three times. He then instructed the officiant, who had conducted the Nikah, to annul the marriage before leaving the ceremony.

The backstory adds a layer of drama to this brief union. The bride and groom had first met while studying abroad and eventually decided to marry. However, once the wedding took place, the groom’s mother and sisters intervened, expressing their strong disapproval of the bride. They had only met her after the wedding and immediately voiced their objections.

The man’s family argued that the bride came from a different background, which they believed would make her incompatible with the cultural norms and values of Saudi society. They felt that this disparity in background would lead to an unsuccessful marriage. Under significant familial pressure, the groom felt compelled to end the marriage abruptly.

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