IGP Leaked tape: Supt. Asare and Supt. Gyebi Cited for Contempt Over Leaked IGP Tape, Committee Recommends Severe Punishment

The Parliamentary committee investigating the leaked tape involving senior police officers allegedly plotting to remove the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has cited Supt. George Lysander Asare and Supt. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi for contempt of Parliament. The committee’s report, presented to Parliament, revealed that both officers lied under oath during their testimonies, thereby undermining the authority of Parliament.

According to the report, Supt. Gyebi, during his testimony on August 31, 2023, denied ever speaking directly to Chief Bugri Naabu, either on his phone or that of Supt. Asare. However, in a subsequent appearance on October 10, 2023, he contradicted his earlier statement and confirmed the phone conversation with Naabu.

Similarly, Supt. Asare initially denied being present when Naabu spoke to Supt. Gyebi over the phone during his testimony on September 4, 2023. However, he later changed his response to affirmatively acknowledge his presence during the October 10, 2023 session. These inconsistencies emerged after Bugri Naabu presented a longer version of the tape to the committee, which clearly captured the conversation between Naabu and Gyebi.

Initially, both officers had vehemently denied any involvement in the conspiracy to undermine the IGP, going so far as to label Bugri Naabu a liar. These denials were overturned by the incriminating evidence in the extended tape, which substantiated Naabu’s claims.

IGP Dampare

The committee has recommended severe punishment for the two officers, deeming their actions as contempt of Parliament under Order 30 of the Standing Orders of Parliament (2000), revised by Order 13(1) in 2024. Consequently, the case has been referred to the Privileges Committee for appropriate disciplinary measures.

This incident traces back to a controversial recording made by Bugri Naabu, the former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party. Naabu had recorded the conversation with the officers to expose their brazen attempt to undermine the IGP and intended to report their conduct to the President. This revelation has sparked significant outrage and calls for stringent action against the implicated officers.

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