Alan Kyeremanteng resigns from the New Patriotic Party.

Mr Alan Kyeremanteng , popularly known as Alan Cash has resigned from the New Patriotic Party days after redrawing from the presidential race.

He came out 3rd during the presidential candidate’s selection elections ahead of the 2024 General elections. Mr Alan among others were not happy about the results leading to his voluntary redrawal. He was a trade minister.

Amidst the OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstrations, the New Patriotic Party Member, Mr Alan Kyeremanteng on today 25th September,2023 has come to announce that he is no longer a part of the party and that he is going to contest as an independent candidate in the upcoming elections.

It seems Mr Alan is also not content with the current Hardship his country is facing under the regime of the NPP. He will be contesting as the head of the Movement for Change Party in the upcoming general elections in the year 2024.

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