Carpenter Receives 50-Year Sentence for Defiling Primary Schooler

19 year old Carpenter sentenced for Defilement.

On April 5, 2024, a carpenter named Francis Cudjoe, aged 19, was sentenced to a lengthy prison term of 50 years by the Tarkwa Circuit Court. The sentence was imposed for the crime of defiling a primary two pupil.

Despite pleading guilty with an explanation, the court dismissed his plea and handed down the sentence, which comprised two separate 25-year terms to be served consecutively.

During a dramatic moment preceding the sentencing, Cudjoe the carpenter knelt down and made an appeal to the court, expressing his remorse. He said, “My Lady, I have committed a grave wrong; I plead with everyone in the court, especially the victim’s mother, to find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

The prosecution, led by Police Superintendent Juliana Essel-Dadzie, presented evidence detailing how Cudjoe exploited his close relationship with the victim’s family to carry out his heinous acts.

According to Essel-Dadzie, Cudjoe took advantage of his friendship with the victim’s mother, who operated a food stall, to gain access to the victim’s room starting from 2023.

The abuse came to light in March 2024 when teachers at the victim’s school confronted her about reports of Cudjoe defiling someone in their school. This prompted the victim to reveal the ongoing abuse. Subsequently, the matter was reported to the police, leading to Cudjoe’s arrest and detention for further investigation.

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