Mayor of Cape Coast divorces wife for a UCC student after 14 years of Marriage.

The magistrate court in the Cape Coast on Wednesday witness the legal separation between Hon. Ernest Arthur, Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly Chief Executive and his wife, Mrs. Hetty aka Maame Efua.

Hon. Ernest Arthur accused his wife for not performing her marital duties. He said, his wife has refused to cook for him and also do his laundry. He therefore filed for divorce at Cape Coast magistrate court. They have been married for 14 years after starting their relationship from school . They have 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl.

The wife on the other hand said her husband has been having extra marital affair, resulting in a baby by name Maggie. She also stated that he is currently dating a lady by name Abigail who was posted to his office to do her National Service.

Abigail Okorie, a graduate from the the University of Cape Coast Who is currently doing her national service has allegedly been having office affairs with Mr. Arthur. As reports suggest, Abigail Okorie is currently pregnant for Mr. Arthur. 

According to the reports, the husband filed for divorce upon confronting her and consistently asking her to desist from such acts which are tarnishing his image as the MCE.

Mr. Arthur considered his wife(then) confrontations about his unsolicited affairs a bother hence the filing of the divorce papers. 

According to reports, and as petty as it may sound, Hon. Ernest Arthur has allegedly removed the E.C.G meter they both acquired to operate a cold store a week after the separation without informing her.

News Source: kumikasa.

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