St Peter’s Senior High to get its first Assembly Hall after 67 years

News coming in indicates that St Peter’s Senior High School (SHS) in the Eastern region, will get its very first assembly hall in 67 years. Since the establishment of the school in 1957, there hasn’t been any assembly hall for the school.

Students usually use the dining hall or the playground as their temporal assembly hall. The government of Ghana and the ministry of Education has promised to build a new and an ultramodern assembly hall facility for the school.

Brief overview about the school; 

Aerial view of the school

The St. Peters Senior Secondary School, a Roman Catholic boys’ senior high school, is located in East Ghana, specifically at Nkwatia Kwahu on the Kwahu ridge. Established in 1957 by missionaries, this public school adheres to the motto “dignitati hominum,” which means “the dignity of mankind.” It has a student body of over 1200 and operates under a board of governors. The school includes grades form one to three, and its colors are yellow and green. Significant effort has been made to provide students with adequate facilities.

The school’s land was donated by the people of Nkwatia following a delegation from the Divine Word Missionaries. After reaching an agreement, Fr. Clement Hotze was appointed the first headmaster in January 1957, and classes began with 36 students. In 1965, the school achieved a 100% pass rate, marking the beginning of consistently high academic performance.

St. Peters offers a range of facilities including well-equipped computer and science laboratories, dormitories, and classroom blocks. There are five spacious dormitories to ensure student comfort. The school also has various sports facilities, including basketball, football, hockey, tennis, and volleyball courts. Historically, the school has excelled in basketball within the Kwahu zone.

St. Peters has a history of producing high-achieving students, with many attaining 100% pass rates in the WASSCE exams. The school recently won a notable victory in the NSMQ, defeating Wesley Girls’ High School and St. Thomas Aquinas. In sports, St. Peters competes in various games like hockey, basketball, and handball, encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities.

School entrance

Registered under the Ministry of Education, St. Peters offers a curriculum similar to other schools but stands out due to its high performance. The school operates on a strict schedule, ensuring students attend all classes and are well-prepared for final exams. Discipline is taken seriously, and students are held accountable for their behavior.

As of 2018, St. Peters was ranked fifth behind Wesley Girls, PRESEC, St. Augustine, and Opoku Ware, based on education quality, performance, and facilities. The school celebrated its 60th anniversary recently.

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