Armed thieves popularly known as Kwashey Boys Attack Young lady on Legon Campus.

Theft cases have become rampant on the University of Ghana Campus which has forced students to take actions into their own hands. In the space of a month, two thieves were left half dead at the private hostels on campus.

Evandy and Bani hostels seem to affected more. The management of these hostels have put lots of measures in place to curb this incident. Hence, CCTV’s have been installed in most parts of the hostel making it easy to capture acts of thefts.

In spite of this, these thieves have resorted to attacking people on the road that leads to these hostels. About two weeks ago, a young lady who was returning to Bani got attacked by these Kwashey boy ( armed thieves). They used sharp objects on her leaving her with lots of cuts.

She surrendered and gave them her goods but still got severely injured.

Watch the video below:

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