One dead, several injured in tragic accident on Accra-Kumasi Highway

The busy Accra-Kumasi highway was the scene of a horrific accident on Tuesday, June 25th, leaving one person dead and several others injured.

The incident involved a VIP bus (registration number GT 5287-11) attempting to overtake a parked vehicle. This reckless maneuver caused the bus to swerve out of its lane and collide head-on with an articulator truck (registration number GR 1276-W). The impact was severe, causing both vehicles to overturn and creating a devastating scene.

The collision tragically claimed the life of a female passenger on the VIP bus. Several other passengers sustained various injuries and required immediate medical attention. Emergency response teams from the Ghana Ambulance Service, Bunso Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), and the Ghana Police Service arrived promptly at the scene to provide assistance.

The injured passengers were swiftly transported to Kibi and Suhum Government Hospitals for treatment. The body of the dead passenger was transported to the Suhum Government Hospital morgue.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident, with a focus on road safety measures, the condition of the vehicles involved, and the driver’s actions.

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