If we reach the final, I won’t come back!’ – Lamine Yamal reveals he will not return to school if Spain manage to win Euro 2024

Lamine Yamal, a rising star from Barcelona, has become a breakout player at the Euros in his first senior season. The 16-year-old winger’s impressive performances have earned him a spot on the Spanish national team, and he’s quickly turning heads with his talent.

Balancing School and Euros: A Student Athlete’s Determination

While Lamine Yamal shines on the field, he hasn’t forgotten his responsibilities off it. Committed to his education, he revealed that his school provided him with assignments to complete during the Euros. However, Yamal has made a bold statement:if Spain wins the tournament, he won’t be returning to school this summer.

Yamal’s Dedication: Studying on the Sidelines

Despite the excitement of the Euros, Yamal prioritizes his education. He utilizes online resources and free time between matches to complete his schoolwork. This dedication demonstrates his well-rounded approach to life, balancing athletic success with academic pursuits.

Rising Star with a Historic Debut

Lamine Yamal’s Euros debut saw him become the youngest player ever to participate in the tournament. He nearly secured another record – the youngest goalscorer – with a near-miss against Italy. This young talent’s composure and focus are truly inspiring.

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