Road Repairs: Government Allocates GH¢150 Million Nationwide for repairs

Road repairs to commence as government allocates GH¢150 Million to this effect.

In a bid to address the deteriorating state of roads across Ghana, the government has announced a significant allocation of GH¢150 million for the engagement and payment of road contractors tasked with pothole patching. This funding, part of the first quarter releases from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Roads and Highways, aims to tackle the widespread road damage caused by heavy rains last year.

With the dry season upon us, the Ghana Highways Authority and the Department of Urban Roads are poised to capitalize on favorable weather conditions to undertake routine pothole patching activities on major thoroughfares. The Ministry anticipates that this timely intervention of road repairs will lead to smoother surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and extending the lifespan of critical infrastructure.

Emphasizing its commitment to addressing this road repairs network challenges nationwide, the Ministry urges cooperation from all stakeholders as it endeavors to improve the national roads network. This initiative underscores the government’s dedication to enhancing transportation infrastructure and ensuring the safety and convenience of commuters throughout the country.

As repair efforts gain momentum, communities can look forward to safer and more reliable travel experiences, marking a significant step towards bolstering Ghana’s overall infrastructure and fostering economic development. Stay tuned for updates as these vital road maintenance projects unfold across the nation.

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