Man Jailed For 10 Years After Stabbing His Father To Death ‘following Years Of Sex Abuse’

Man jailed for 10 years after stabbing his father to death

A man identified as Sean Maurice, has been jailed for stabbing his 52-year-old father, Paul Maurice to death. 


Sean who was handed a 10-year jail sentence, stabbed his father more than 30 times in the back and reportedly claimed he sexually abused him. 


The 31-year-old who admitted manslaughter was arrested after an alarm was raised by the victim’s next-door neighbours in Bromley, south-east London.


Prosecutor William Emlyn Jones KC said car salesman Paul told the couple he did not want to die as he collapsed bleeding on their doorstep after the attack.


As he was being treated by emergency services, a police officer asked him who was responsible and he replied: “Sean.”


Man jailed for 10 years after stabbing his father to death


Despite the efforts of paramedics, he was pronounced dead at the scene at 11.56pm. Following a brief manhunt, Sean was found a few hours later, running through back gardens nearby.


He ended up on the roof of a garden shed, where he was surrounded by police before eventually being detained. He told officers: 


“I’ve got nothing to lose. You lot are trying to arrest me because I beat up my dad who abused me, he raped me… and you want to arrest me? What kind of f** justice is that?”


Jailing Sean for manslaughter Judge Dennis Watson, KC, said: 


“During the trial you spoke of your father’s violence and his physical abuse of you

“Your sister and brother spoke of similar abuse at his hands and on the evidence I have heard I accept that your experiences were the worst.

“I also accept that this abuse has caused you lasting damage.”


Man jailed for 10 years after stabbing his father to death


He said that Sean had turn to using alcohol and drugs to deal with his problems, adding: “This must have contributed to your erratic behaviour and deteriorating mental health.”


In July 2021 Sean was detained under the mental health act and then briefly lived at his father’s home. He then went to rehab for three weeks but later relapsed.


The judge described how on September 6 Sean had become upset that his father refused to allow him to stay at his house.


On September 14 he then “relapsed again, took some alcohol and crack” before falling out with the family at his temporary home.


Following this he then walked to his father’s home where he carried out the attack, stabbing him 33 times.


Sean claimed he had grabbed the knife off his father’s kitchen counter, but the judge found that he had taken it with him to the scene.


The judge added; 


 “You took a knife to the scene. Your anger was clear as you set off from home.

“Your sister explained her shock and mixed feelings toward her father. She made the point she no longer has the choice to go to police about what he did.

“He had other children as well as you and your siblings and they too have lost a father.”

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