Amerado finally speaks on rumours about impregnating Delay

Ghanaian rapper and prolific songwriter Amerado has addressed recent rumors claiming he impregnated and then abandoned media personality Delay. Speculation about a secret romantic relationship between the two has persisted ever since their friendship became public, but both Amerado and Delay have consistently denied these claims.

In a recent interview, Amerado clarified that his relationship with Delay is purely professional and friendly. He stated, “Our interactions are purely professional and friendly, but the public’s reaction to our chemistry was something I found amusing and beneficial to my career.” He emphasized that they are not intimate but merely friends.

Amerado disclosed that during the height of the rumors, he was actually in a serious relationship with someone else. He relished the attention and discussions generated by his association with Delay, as it brought significant focus to his craft. “I enjoyed the hype from people who believed I was dating Delay. The attention and discussions were entertaining and brought much focus to my work,” he explained.

Furthermore, in another interview with Kwaku Manu, Amerado refuted the wild claims that he had impregnated Delay and then abandoned her. He assured everyone that he has not impregnated Delay and that their friendship remains intact.

Watch video below;

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