“A Heartbreaking Tragedy Unfolds in Weija, Accra: Boyfriend’s Acid Attack on his Beautiful Girlfriend”

In a heartbreaking incident, Nyarko Nadia, a young woman from Ghana, has turned to the internet to appeal for help and financial assistance after being attacked with acid by her boyfriend.

As per available information, this tragic event unfolded during a heated argument between Nadia and her unidentified partner, known for his notorious actions. The details of their disagreement remain undisclosed at this time.

As wildly alleged by Belinda Adwoa Wattson on Facebook…

That is Nardia I know her in Weija she used to sell indomie in front of the Pentecost church what happened is that someone called her and told her they saw her boyfriend and a lady in a hotel so she went to the hotel with acid to pour on the other lady but her boyfriend defended his side-chick by dragging the acid with Nardia and mistakenly the acid poured on her”

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