5 best ways to have a healthy, better sex life

Sex requires constant communication, intimate moments and attraction to keep a couple’s emotional, mental and physical feelings

To help you understand, here are some ways to lead a healthy and better sex life.

  • Try different sex positions

Opting for different, new sex positions can make your sex life mindblowing. Going for the same old missionary will do you no good. Sex positions can make lovemaking very pleasurable. This can be quite helpful for those who have a low sex drive.

  • Talk about your fantasies

Communicating about your desires and sexual fantasies can make it so much better! If you stay mum and do not voice what you would like to do in bed, then you are going to lead a boring sex life. But if you decide to be vocal and experiment, then sex is going to be amazing with your partner.

  • Maintain physical affection

Keep giving your partner physical love like kisses, hugs and even linking arms to ensure your presence and comfort. This will make them feel very loved and special. Physical affection plays a major role in keeping emotional bonds intact.

If you and your partner feel pain or roughness or are unable to have pleasurable sex, then you need to add lubrication to your sex routine. Lubrication reduces friction in the vagina that causes roughness or pain. Adding lubrication can make sex ten times better than before.

Don’t bring your everyday stress into your sex life. This considerably reduces the pleasure and makes your entire body tense. Talk about something relaxing with your partner or try to play a game to distract yourself from the stress. And then get into the mood.

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